Our Origin

In 1968, a band of high-school friends united to experience the Word and share God’s Love with others.

Decades since our inception, we are still passionate in nurturing younger leaders by learning from experienced visionaries and luminaries in the marketplace.


True To Life

We Seek To Genuinely Live And Creatively Share The Transforming Experience Of God’s Grace And Truth

Our Core Values

Humility – Lean On God

We depend on God’s grace and point people to Him in all aspects of life.

Community - Share Life

We commit to upholding our common vision and to support one another.

Authenticity - Be Real

We aspire to live out our faith winsomely, embracing the beauty and frailty of our humanity.

Creativity - Inspire Truth

We nurture contagious passion and compelling approaches to evoke a response to the Truth in a changing the world.

Built For Excellence

We Seek Out Individuals Who Have Walked The Talk.

You won’t find ivory-tower theorists here – only leaders who lead and speak with hard-won experience. These leaders are boots-on-the ground yet seasoned with a bird’s eye view of their respective industries. They’ve succeeded and failed, but most of all, they are ready to impart to the next generation.

We Value Face-To-Face Time.

We’re not satisfied with merely rubbing shoulders with CEOs or directors. We’re interested in heart-to-heart engagements and conversations with leading lights. Our conventions and live events feature personal keynotes and detailed workshops with these mentors to equip and empower you.

We Believe In Intentionally Integrating Professional And Personal Lives

Do you believe that personal relationships can thrive alongside professional growth? Our family and friends are living proof that you don’t have to pick one or the other. Success at work can be yours without spending long hours in the office and missing out on precious time with your loved ones.

We Aim For Human Flourishing

No matter the circumstance, we aim for human flourishing. Our heart for you is to provide you with anchors to weather any storm or crisis. Through our leadership content and community initiatives, may you reap greater rewards in business and faith.


Never Too Young To Serve Him

Founded by Peter Chao, Dr John Ng, Michael Tan, and William Tang, the group gathered every Saturday for Eagles Rendezvous.

True To life: True To God’s Call

Driven by the love of God, these young men launched into mass public outreach. The Eagles pioneered the use of hotels such as Hyatt and Shangri-La hotel ballrooms for concerts – attracting many pre-believers.

Lift Up Your Voices!

The 80s saw the Eagles organizing elaborate concerts and colorful musicals to bring people together and reach the everyday Singaporean.

New Hotels And Fresh Opportunities

The Eagles continued faithfully organizing musicals. The Transformation 90’ Musical saw 10,000 people gathered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Stepping Out Into Unchartered Territory

The millennium brought about changes as the Eagles ventured into conventions and seminars locally and abroad to reach the unchurched in the marketplace.

The Next Step: The Next Generation

In shifting with the winds of change, the Eagles founders decided to devote their lives to developing leaders of the next generation.

Eagles Team

Peter Chao


William Tang

Executive Director

John Ng, PhD

Board of Governance
Honorary Chair

Tan Mui Tin

Assistant Director

Ivy Lauh

HR and Admin

Alison Ng


Gabriel Lee

Video Production

Rebecca Mizuno

NEXLeaders Content and Engagement

Patrick Tan

Logistics Assistant

Jonathan Lee

Assistant Manager

Board of Governance

Tan Chee Leong

Nelson Yeap